Brewing Co-Op

Cooperative Brewery in Belfast owned and run by its members.

Boundary is a Cooperative Brewery in Belfast owned and run by our members. Opening their doors in 2014, they are the first brewery in NI to bring together modern US styles with the more traditional Belgian/French style beers.


Boundary Brewery Cooperative


Brand Development, Print Design

Boundary was Northern Irelands first crowdsourced craft Brewery. They needed a new identity going forward for the business, that they could use on all merchandise and packaging going forward.

They requested something, fun, modern and clean and that would work with an idea they had for their beer label series using the brewery's resident Artist. I was excited to be part of this and incorporate the member's input. So after brainstorming and brand workshops, we arrived at a solution.


After much deliberation, sketching and many typeface comparisons I settled on using a simple word-mark as the identity. I decide to work with the typeface Dual. It is sleek, modern and a little quirky with multiple variations and ligatures to take advantage of.

You can see how the various ligatures were used for each beer name in the following series of beer labels that were designed in conjunction with their in house artist.


I decided upon using the typeface Dual, its normal and light weights were clean and easy to read and using the bolder alternative ligatures for the brand wordmark produced something quite unique. Using it for the beer names on each label allowed us to play with the style as per the style of beer.

The various ligatures allowed for playful designs when it came to other merchandise like the t-shirt designs.

Final Result

This has been a really rewarding project over the years watching the brand grow with the popularity of craft beer and the success of Boundary in Northern Ireland and now further afield.