Mike's Fancy Cheese

Northern Ireland's first raw milk cheese.

Mike's Fancy Cheese is proud to be creating a new tradition of raw milk cheesemaking in Northern Ireland. With the desire to produce his own cheese within Northern Ireland Michael turned to crowdfunding platform, seedrs. Supported by friends and backed by 98 investors, he is now operating out of Newtownards, buying milk from a single herd and is supplying Northern Ireland with its first raw milk cheese. Its name is Young Buck.


Mike's Fancy Cheese


Web Design & Development

Branding BY

Tony Moore - iamtmnr.com



Collaborating with local designer Tony Moore we were tasked with creating a new online home for Mike's Fancy cheese. Micheal wanted something bold, clean and fun to showcase his new business. A place to relay information to potential customers and his investors how the business began and where his cheese is currently stocked. The budget for this project was small and the time constraint was very short but this made for an exciting quick build with a lot of rapid prototyping and iteration throughout.

With no existing online presence, we had free reign to design and build something unique how we wanted. The design language such as colour, typography, the tone of voice, photography assets etc had already been agreed upon and so the challenge was to bring it all together to create a one of a kind design.


Tony and I discussed how we wanted to have a very simple design with colour and typography at the forefront, letting the story of how the business began, tell itself. After brainstorming some ideas I began wireframing the basic layout of the site. We worked on some opening copy for the home page so I could design with that in mind. Due to the nature of the project timeframe I decided to mostly design in the browser allowing me to get the basic structure down from what I had wireframed, then iterate on the style live as I went.

As with all projects, the approach and method of design are entirely different but it worked very well in this instance. In a very short space of time, I had a responsive design built and tested allowing more time to add playful elements such as the intro animation and gradients colour background change over time.


We decided upon Nimbus Sans, a great alternative font choice to Helvetica. Its bolder weights are perfect for the display font style we wanted. It was used for the main body of text striking a bold visual punch in white on the gradient background colour.

Courier was used for the stockist's list further into the site as it had been used in other promotional print materials and worked well for the content.


Colour plays a simple yet effective role in this design. The two primary colours chosen depict the lifespan of the cheese from its fresh youthful beginning to its deeper moulded mature state.

Applying the changing gradient effect to the background helped mimic this change or maturity over time. The third primary colour was chosen to contrast to the lighter yellow and blue and give an overlay tone to imagery with text further into the site.

Primary Colours

rgb(243, 232, 179)
rgb(24, 156, 200)
rgb(24, 156, 200)

Gradient Colours

rgb(243, 232, 179)
rgb(24, 156, 200)
Final Result

Overall I am very pleased with how this project turned out. The client was happy and I have continued to work with him and their designer on other projects.

Another of the projects you can see was creating a vinyl wrap for the company van. Working again with Tony Moore their designer I was able to cut the vinyl using a vinyl plotting machine and then apply to the van. The result of this looks great for my first vehicle wrap. A good working relationship with my clients is very important to me as it leads to working with like-minded people on future projects.