Performa Sports

A game-changer for sports analysis, coaching and athlete learning.

Performa Sports is a easy to use real-time and post-game performance analysis iPad app with integrated Cloud analytics platform that helps you to see and understand the bigger picture of team and individual performances.


Performa Sports


Iconography, UI design

I was brought onboard to create a series of icons depicting the various sports that Performa Sports app caters for. The Iconography was to utilised across the promotional website and within the app UI. The requirements were quite simple in that each Icon had to be easily recognisable, simplistic, specifically in the form of a silhouette and portray a dynamic action shot of each sport.

Not being familiar with all the sports covered I set to work researching each of the sports reading up rules and regulations and watching video clips to get a sense of the movement in each. As well as being able to use the iconography in the app I wanted them to be easily scalable and updatable across the web so I set about creating a custom web-font out of the finalised icons set.

Custom Web-font creation

Once each of the sports icons had been signed off I allocated them an alphabetic or numeric digit in which I could assign a keyboard stroke to. Should later down the line more sports be added to the service I would be able to easily add these to unassigned slots in the font itself. As well as creating the SVG icon-font I generated .otf and .ttf fonts for use on the company computers and applications for presentations and promotional materials.

All Star Team Selection

Performa sports later approached me to create some illustration work to be used for an online visualisation they were creating on their web platform to be showcased at a sports analytics conference.

Using metrics from within the app they wanted to display stats about different players from different teams in order to choose an all-star team and show the selection in a team layout. I was required to create vectorized versions of 4 team Jerseys and a field for them to be displayed on.

The graphics were required to be detailed enough to be easily recognisable and without sponsorship details attached. I believe that the style that I ended up with is exactly that with the added benefit of consistent design across each team.